Thursday, July 12, 2007

First post on "Ethnic Diversity in Luang Namtha" blog

I have been working in Laos on a photo-documentary about the many different ethnic groups in Luang Namtha province in Laos ("Lao Peoples Democratic Republic, or Lao PDR) for the past five years. Until recently I have not published much about this project, but a few months ago i started a photo website, on which by now I have displayed about 300 photos, with many more to follow.
I am happy with my website provider, except that they don't really allow much space for text, making it hard for me to tell anecdotes or put in a lot of written background to my experiences. Also, it doesn't allow for feedback, unlike Pbase and the like. I intend to write a lot more about these five years, so i am hoping that by linking this blog with my photosite, I may be able to do so. I realise I can also publish pix here, but probably fewer, in lesser size, so i'll keep the pix on my Zenfolio and the raves on here.
i may put a dozen or so on here to whet your appetites.

In the meantime, have a look at the photographs on my site, and please put feedback here

Kees Sprengers